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    I&#039;m working on creating an image db that I want to be able to search. I&#039;m wondering the best way to do work the search feature. When adding a new photo, the person in charge of adding it will have to enter keywords of some sort, and the person doing the searching will have to search using these same keywords.<BR><BR>Now these are some idea&#039;s I&#039;ve come up with:<BR>1. When adding the photo, 3 (or more if 3 doesn&#039;t seem to be enough) keywords are selected from a drop down box. The end user then selects a keyword from a simular drop down box to see all related photo&#039;s. This way there are always results, but it feels less like an "Image Search". New keywords can be added as needed via a backend administration. Maybe add an unlimited number of predefined keywords (instead of just three), but still limit the user to using drop down boxes. Of course this option enables someone to find a "Farm" or a "Tractor" but not a "Farm" with a "Tractor", unless of course there&#039;s more then one drop down box. This also creates a lot of work until a decent number of keywords are created.<BR><BR>2. When adding the photo, keywords are typed into a textbox. The end user then types keywords to search for a particular photo. This would be time consuming to enter, spelling would be crucial, and the results would only be as good as the keywords entered. On top of that, the end user may type a word that isn&#039;t a keyword, there could be language differences (ie: color, colour), cultural differences (ie: car, auto), all of which could give no results.<BR><BR>Is there anyone else out there that has some experience with this sort of thing? I&#039;m open to any other suggestions on how to go about this.<BR><BR>Something to keep in mind is that the person that is in charge of using the backend (adding photos) is quite technically challenged, and it is best if the keywords are kept as simple as possible.<BR><BR>Thanks in Advance,<BR> Frothy

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    For the farm and tractor part, you could execute one query using AND between your keywords, and another query using OR. Then you can order the results appropriately.<BR><BR>For the language differences, your best bet is to set up a database field that corrolates all these. Bear in mind, you&#039;re not going to get &#039;em all, but it&#039;s a start. So<BR><BR>Field: Alt1 Alt2<BR>Car Auto Automobile<BR><BR>etc.<BR><BR>Then you can search against all possibilities. You can also implement SoundEX for some things...

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