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    1)Form events sequence<BR><BR>2)Which controls can be placed on an MDI form???<BR><BR>3)While exiting from an application where do you put code to conform exit from user ???<BR><BR>4)Type statements must appear in which part of module??<BR><BR>5)In process is what type of file ???Exe or dll ??<BR><BR>6)Dim X as integer<BR> Dim y as long<BR> For X=1 TO 32768<BR> Y=Y+1<BR> NEXT x<BR>At runtime not compile time it generates an error:-<BR>What will be the value of Y then??<BR>a) 1<BR>b) 0<BR>c) Y undefined<BR>d) 32767<BR>e) 32768<BR><BR><BR>7)Dynaset type recordset objects consume more energy than snapshot <BR>objects<BR>???True or False<BR><BR>8)What gives you the nos of elements on a form???<BR><BR>9)<BR>Dim X as integer<BR>X=3+7/5-2<BR>What is value of X ??<BR>a) 0<BR>b) 2<BR>c) 2.4<BR>d) 5<BR>e)3.3333<BR><BR>10)Which function is used to know whether a variable is initialized or<BR>not???<BR>a) Isnull<BR>b) Isempty<BR>c) Ismissing<BR>d)Isblank<BR>

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    Default RE: What do you think this is ?

    ... A "do my homework for me" messageboard ?

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    6-d) 32767<BR><BR>Integer variables can hold values between -32,768 and 32,767<BR>Long variables can range from -2,147,483,648 to 2,147,483,647<BR><BR>10-b) Isempty<BR><BR>IsEmpty Function<BR>Returns a Boolean value indicating whether a variable has been initialized.<BR><BR><BR>9-c) 2.4<BR><BR>7/5+3-2<BR><BR><BR>

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