1) If you intend to support more than 1 simultaneous transcation scope with rdo you must create multiples of what ??<BR>a) rdorecordset<BR>b) rdoenviroment<BR>c) rdoresults<BR>d) rdoengines<BR>e) rdotransactions<BR><BR>2) MDI child forms can be displayed modally ?? True or False<BR><BR>3)Can multiple modal forms be opened under 1 MDI form?? True or False<BR><BR>4)By ref. arguments to procedure are passed as ??<BR><BR>5)Every declare statement must have a lib ref???<BR><BR>6)How to set labels for option buttons??<BR><BR>7)Methods to create instance of an object ???Multiple Answers<BR><BR>8)Command to create control array at runtime<BR><BR>9)Method to add a record to recordset??<BR><BR>10)How many distinct errors err object will have ???<BR>a) 1<BR>b) 256<BR>c) 16<BR>d) 2<BR>e) Nos is limited by amount of stackspace<BR>