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    Hello,<BR><BR>can I post data from one form to two other forms simultaneously?Suppose my code is<BR>&#060;form name="xxx" action="yyy.asp" method="post"&#062;<BR>Here I want to post the same data to another page "zzz.asp".Can I do that?<BR>If that is not possible what is the other idea so that my requirement can be met?Please help me out.<BR><BR>vijay<BR>

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    *EACH* of the two pages you posted the form to would try to send back HTML to the browser. <BR><BR>What would you want the browser to do? Take one line from each page, merging them on the fly? Put all the stuff from one page first and then all the stuff from the other page?<BR><BR>Can you make sense of this? I can&#039;t.<BR><BR>HINT: *IF* you had two windows--or two frames, perhaps--*then* each one could receive the results from one of the posted-to pages. And then "all" you have to do is use JS code to duplicate the form in the second window/frame.<BR><BR>

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