I have a form that when a user submits I redirect them to a page that does a search and displays the data. Because I am redirecting them to the page I have to pass the variables to the page in the URL. Now when they are on this page they have the option to requery with different values and view the results on the same page. <BR><BR>These are the issues:<BR>1) Is there a better way then redirecting them to the next page. I&#039;d like to find a more elegant solution then using redirect and URL variables.<BR>2) When on the search results page, the user can change the values in a form and requery and display the data on the same page. The problem is that now I have to look for different type (form) variables, so I have to code around them. Throw datagrid paging in the mix and it gets real confusing.<BR><BR>In traditional ASP this is no problem because pressing submit will pass all form variables to the next page, avoiding the above issues. I don&#039;t normally use more then one page on something like this but in this case I need to allow them to start the search from another page when the user wants to.<BR><BR>Any help will be appreciated. <BR><BR>Thanks<BR>