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    Has anyone experienced this problem?<BR><BR>When I pull the data from the database I have into text boxes and the data contains spaces (Let&#039s say "Help Me"), Only the first word ("Help") shows up? <BR>

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    How did u add that value into table,i mean me, are u inserting from the form?

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    I think the main problem is with your Value parameter in the HTML tag<BR><BR>ex &#060;Input type=text value="Help Me" Name=W&#062; Should work fine<BR><BR>Probably you are using a syntax like this<BR><BR>&#060;Input type=text Value=&#060;%=RecSet("Text")%&#062; Name=Something&#062;<BR><BR>If that is the case then use<BR>Value="&#060;%=Recset("Text")%&#062;"<BR><B R>It should work.<BR><BR>Since space is the default delimeter in HTML tag properties<BR>Putting the data inside double quotes forces the HTML parser to take it as a single data value.<BR>

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