Hello, I am fairly new to the .net framework, and am wondering if anyone can offer me some guidance on a project I am working on. <BR>I am working with an Access database with multiple tables in it. The main table is called tblHorses and contains general info about the horses. Sub tables contain information like each particular horses Race info (tblRace), Death info (tblDeath) etc.<BR><BR>When the user visits the website, I want them to be presented a list or table (currently, I am using a paged datagrid). We have nearly 400 horses listed, and I would like the person to be able to click on a particular horse <BR>(&#060;asp:ButtonColumn DataTextField="Name" HeaderText="Horse Name" /&#062;)<BR>and within a label or small table off to the side of my page, present information from all the other tables pertaining to the selected horse. <BR><BR>Right now I have my datagrid built and reading all the horse names. My question is, is the datagrid structure the best way for me to go? Or will another control structure be more efficient? If the datagrid is the best way to go, can someone please tell me how to retrieve all the other information from the other tables once a horse name is clicked on?? (More specifically, I want it to collect only those records that have values in it). Any guidance in this area would help tremendously. Thank you.<BR><BR>