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    Default Abandoning session

    Hi, <BR> I have a "Log out" link that should take the user to the main page and close the session. My code for the link is:<BR><BR>Response.Write "&#060;FORM id=form1 name=form1&#062;&#060;A HREF=&#039;Login.asp&#039; onClick=""parent.location=&#039;Login.asp&#039;;"" &#062;Log Out&#060;/A&#062;&#060;/FONT&#062;"<BR><BR> In the Login.asp page, I used Session.abandon. But, if I hit the back button from Login.asp, I can still use the same session. How can I do this so that, after going to the Login.asp, if I hit the back button, the session is no longer retained? Any ideas?<BR> Thanks!

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    Default huh??

    &#062;I can still use the same session<BR>what do you mean by this??<BR>

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    Default flush your cache (or send it to me)

    you need to force the page to not get cached.<BR><BR>i would search either learnasp.com (cache no more)<BR>or 15seconds.com on how to do this.

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