Hi folks. I think I&#039;m missing the boat with the following code, but it seems I can&#039;t extract a &#039;single&#039; record at a time from the recordset and populate the &#039;Mail.AddAddress&#039; property of the AspEmail component. <BR><BR>Everytime I submit this code I get multiple recipients for each message. The code performs the rsFB.MoveNext command, but continues through the list each time, adding multiple recipients each time.<BR><BR>I should only be getting 5 individual messages to 5 separate accounts, but instead I get exactly 11 messages spread out over the 5 distinct recipients (ie. lots of duplicates).<BR><BR>Something screwy going on. Anybody have any ideas about the following code. Maybe I should be using arrays or something.<BR>Thanks in advance.<BR><BR>---code follows---<BR><BR> rsFB.MoveFirst<BR> <BR> For item = 0 to rsFB.RecordCount -1 <BR> MailAddress = rsFB("EmailAddress")<BR> Mail.Host = strHost<BR> Mail.From = "tommy@mediamansion.com"<BR> Mail.AddAddress MailAddress<BR> Mail.Subject = "Invitation to view files"<BR> Mail.Body = session("msg")<BR> Mail.IsHTML = True<BR> <BR> strErr = ""<BR> bSuccess = False<BR> On Error Resume Next &#039; catch errors<BR> <BR> Mail.Send &#039; send message <BR> <BR> If Err &#060;&#062; 0 Then &#039; error occurred<BR> strErr = Err.Description<BR> response.write (strErr)<BR> else<BR> bSuccess = True<BR> End If <BR> rsFB.MoveNext<BR> Next<BR>