Hello,<BR><BR>This is driving me nuts.<BR>I&#039;m trying to download from a file in the database.<BR>Everything works fine with this instruction:<BR>mySmartUpload.DownloadField objRec("file_blob"), "application/unknown", "test.jpg"<BR>I can download the file test.jpg.<BR><BR>But then everything works NOT fine at all with this one:<BR>mySmartUpload.DownloadField objRec("file_blob"), "application/unknown", objRec("file_name").value<BR><BR>I have objRec("file_name").value = test.jpg<BR><BR>This line comes from the sample on aspsmart.com (i tried all application/smthg that I knew of)<BR><BR>It just won&#039;t work.<BR>Did anybody encounter the same problem?<BR><BR>Thanks a lot.<BR>