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    I am using the Response.Redirect method to send users to new pages depending on their authorisation level. The pages they are being redirected to use frames and I want to know how to use the TARGET=_TOP statement to display the new frames pages.<BR><BR>The code I have so far is:<BR>Response.Redirect ("loginPage.asp?" & Request.QueryString)<BR>

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    Process the page that holds the Response.Redirect in the Target Frame.<BR><BR>So, if you have a form, your form will target the necessary frame, and the <BR><BR>like so<BR><BR>&#060;form name=form1 target=_TOP method=post action=process.asp?&#060;%=Request.QueryString%&#0 62;&#062;<BR><BR>&#060;/form&#062;<BR><BR>then, in Process.asp you have<BR><BR>Response.Redirect ("loginPage.asp?" & Request.QueryString)

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