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    Hi I&#039;m currently having a problem with a program that searches through a text file, reading through this file and searching for certain things within this text file. At a certain point in the program, it stops, not with an error it just pauses. I&#039;ve checked out the value of the variables contained within the loop and for the stream reader i am using the peek method and this is what i get for the value that this method returns: <BR><BR>m_inputStream.Peek() error: evaluation of function &#039;m_inputStream.Peek&#039; cannot take place because the thread is at a location at which function evaluation is not possible <BR><BR>if anyone has any idea of what is going wrong here I would be grateful for your advice. <BR>Thanks. <BR>

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    Can you post your whole do..while loop? Maybe then we&#039;ll see if something is wrong.

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