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    I&#039;m having real trouble with this. My scenario is this: <BR><BR>input-mm/dd/yyyy <BR>output-dd/mm/yyyy <BR>SQLstored-dd/mm/yyyy <BR><BR>Input is how I have to have the date formatted in a HTML form. If I put it in the way it is stored in the database, I get a conversion error.<BR><BR>I am accessing these web pages from Canada, where are servers are. WHAT ON EARTH IS GOING ON????? <BR><BR>EXAMPLE: I want to edit a record. I pull the information into a form that has a textbox titled StartDate. The information is formatted dd/mm/yyyy. FINE, THIS IS HOW IT IS STORED IN THE DATABASE. Now, unless I reformat it to be mm/dd/yyyy, I will get a conversion error.

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    personally, I&#039;d be casting these into VBScript (or JScript) Date() objects and manipulating them from there, rather than trying to manipulate them as strings.

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