I have a strange problem that happens only browsing by the PC<BR>in my office and not working at home or from other PC&#039s.<BR>I have developped a small web site containing a database and there are<BR>functions of changing, modifying or setting data in it that need some<BR>variable to be preserved and the solution I adopted is putting different<BR>windows communicating each other and normally it works quite well.<BR>In my office there is a point where a button click opens a double window<BR>(with a blank one) instead that only one as it happens on my home PC or<BR>from others PC&#039s. In fact there is a double creation of child window, one<BR>with the target of a form and another with a window.open under the same<BR>onclick event that submit the form. (Please see the attached code).<BR>I have the same operative system, the same web server and browser, is to<BR>say Windows NT 4.0, Personal Web Server 4.0 and MSInternet Explorer 5.0.<BR>Do you have any idea on why it happens?<BR><BR>Thanks you in advance<BR><BR>Beppe<BR>