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    Hello All:<BR><BR>I am working on an ASP DB application which contains a text field. I want to only display the first 200 characters. <BR><BR>‘ ** ASP Code ** <BR>Summary = Left(Message,200) <BR><BR><BR>The issue with the following code is that a word that is at the end of the summary might be half complete. <BR><BR>The optimal solution is obtain the first 200 characters in the message and then remove the last word, so I have no incomplete words in the summary.<BR><BR>What is the best method to go about obtaining these results?<BR><BR>Thanks <BR>Stuart <BR>

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    Default Not too hard...

    &#060;%<BR>Summary = Left( Message, InStrRev( Message, " ", 200 ) )<BR>%&#062;<BR><BR>That starts at character 200 and looks backwards for a space. Then gives you the characters left of the space. It&#039;s not perfect, of course, since you might discard words that were separated by things other than a space. But it&#039;s a practical solution.<BR><BR>

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