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    Is there any way to not have to upload global.asa agian after a server restart? or am I doing something wrong. cuz my asp files don't work after a server restart.

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    Are you sure your required services are set to Automatic on start up?<BR><BR>You could post your global.asa file for us to review but I doubt if that is the problem.

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    Gullerud<BR><BR>I am not 100% sure from your post what the issue is. I had a problem with a global.asa file when I stoped the server and then tried to restart the server again the site would not restart again and required a server reboot.<BR><BR>I was able to resolve the problem by setting all application variables to nothing on end <BR><BR> Sub Application_OnEnd()<BR> Application("DSN")= nothing<BR>End Sub<BR><BR>Good Luck<BR>Stuart <BR>

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