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    i read this on 4guys... regarding windows scriping components (quote):<BR><BR>" From Alert 4Guys Reader Matt J.<BR>Keep in mind that WSC components are Apartment threaded, so using them anywhere but at page scope is evil. (Of course, using object at Session or Application scope might also be evil, but they can at least perform well if they are Both threaded and aggregate the Free-Threaded Marshaler.) "<BR><BR>what does apartment threaded mean? why is it evil to use them outside of page scope? why is performance increased if object is instantiated on application or session level, and why is it still evil?

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    Apartment threaded means you can&#039;t use it outsoide page scope, because they will not be appropriately managed by the COM subsystem. They will effectively lock down your application to a single thread, meaning only one request will be processed at a time. this is exactly the same for VB components in Session or Application scope.

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