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    Hi,<BR>I have problem with Response.ContentType.<BR>I have declared on top of my ASP page &#060;%Resoponse.ContentType="image/svg+xml%&#062;<BR><BR>Now the page displayed is fine that is SVG.<BR><BR>But apart from SVG Stuff i want to display Normal Response Write " FOO " some data .. But its hitting me back .. coz the content is not mxl/svg.<BR><BR>can I display both two different type of contentTypes on single page ? if any one has any ideas please let me know.<BR><BR>Any Help is appreciated.<BR>Thanks.

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    Seeing as response.contenttype alters the document header, which cannot be done after content is written, then you may be on to a loser there.<BR><BR>Why not make a framed page?

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