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    Im having a problem with WSH and ASP.... I want my ASP script to Execute a vbs file on the Server ( my server ) .... but I keep getting a permisssion error which Im not sure how to fix...<BR>my ASP script : <BR>&#060;%<BR>Dim sh<BR>Set sh = Server.CreateObject("WScript.Shell")<BR>F = sh.Run("d:1.vbs")<BR>%&#062;<BR><BR>I tried this and it gave me an error message about permission on the page that returned .... so I went and gaved permission to cscript.exe to allow the the IUSR_ComputerName and IWAN_ComputerName to read/write/...full control also I changed on IIS on the Tab home directory "Execute permission" from script only to script and executable<BR>now I get not message at all on the returned page .... <BR>I used a component for ASP that does the samething like the WScript.Shell but this one return the result and this is the error I get : <BR>CScript Error: Loading your settings failed. (Access is denied.<BR>)<BR>I searched yahoo for simular problem for almost 4 houres without any luck ..... <BR><BR>comment or suggestion always Welcome <BR>regards, <BR>

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    try setting permissions to the WScript.exe

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    Default Also..

    ...check what that script does. If the script attempts to modify anything, you will need to give the LAN user access - for some reason it impersonates that user, rather than the IUSR...<BR><BR>Craig.

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