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    How do I generate PDF files dynamically using ASP

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    you need to use adobe acrobat<BR>i don&#039t know how to build them dynamically<BR>but think it would be kind of a fraky thing to do on the server,<BR>as they&#039re not small, and processing time would be ...long?

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    Visit our website at http://www.activepdf.com. We have most of the tools you&#039ll need to generate PDF files on the fly. Best of all our components are specifically licensed for server use (unlike Adobe Acrobat) and multithreaded (again, unlike Acrobat)<BR><BR>Tim

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    geeoff Guest

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    This may not be an option for you but I use Oracle Reports Runtime. It has a good command line interface that can be parametized and then passed to the report engine via a web page (has an option to output PDF). I am not sure what Acrobat offers in terms of a command line interface but you should check it out.

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