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    I have a button on my main form that saves the record. The record consists of data in the main form and data in a subform. I need to run a function that checks to see if a field in the main form contains a certain value and if that value is equal to "Insurable", alert the user if the data in the Contents field of any of the records in the subform is alphanumeric. <BR><BR>How can I accomplish this?

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    You can do server side validation or client side validation. Its better to do server validation... but client validation with javascript is nice because you dont have to do a round trip to the server. With client side validation create a javascript function called VerifyForm(). Then in your form put onSubmit="return VerifyForm()". VerifyForm() will return true if the contents the user provided are true or false if not which will cause the form not to submit. With server side you gotta just verify the values within asp. I will leave the options up to you. Sounds like you may need to read up on javascript

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