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    Here is the theory, I have three list boxes to create a drill down report, which are intially set at shown. (The item with * is selected).<BR><BR>List Box 1(Makes) (*ALL,VW,Ford,Dodge)<BR>List Box 2(Models)(*ALL)<BR>List Box 3(Color) (*ALL)<BR><BR>Now if a user selects VW, then List box 2 is updated as follows by querying the db (as there is too much info to hold on the page).<BR><BR>List Box 1(Makes) (ALL,*VW,Ford,Dodge)<BR>List Box 2(Models)(*ALL,Beetle,Golf,Polo)<BR>List Box 3(Color) (*ALL)<BR> <BR>And finally if Beetle is selected, then the database is queried again for info about the beetle.<BR><BR>List Box 1(Makes) (ALL,*VW,Ford,Dodge)<BR>List Box 2(Models)(ALL,*Beetle,Golf,Polo)<BR>List Box 3(Color) (*ALL,Red,Yellow,Blue)<BR><BR>It is important that all boxes are shown at the start as the user should be able to create a report at any time.<BR><BR>Something like this is at;Used Car Evaluation but it doesn&#039t use ASP. (I think it uses a collection of frames).<BR><BR>Is this possible??

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    You should be able to do this through Javascript Arrays. There is an article on that goes into this.<BR><BR>I think it is the first article in the ASP section.<BR><BR>HTH<BR><BR>Jerry

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