Hello,<BR>Is it possible to use ASP to synchronise the data in a guestbook that I have on my web site with the database that I maintain on my local computer. I host my web site with a web hosting company that runs Windows 2000 servers and I have used ASP but not very much. I would like to try and find some way for me to somehow check the database that I have online which holds the information about the people who have filled out my online guestbook, and if there are any new ones since the last time I checked then these new entries would be downloaded and appended to my database that I run on my local computer. I thought about using FSO to send myself a copy of the database, but I wanted to see if I could do something more automated. Specifically, I thought I might try and see if I can automate the checking of new entries since the previous time I checked, as well as the automatic downloading and appending to my offline database record.