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    My webpage requires it to be refreshed every 3 seconds. And the page is making a database query to get some updated records. Recently i am facing problem. The web page takes forever to load. There are around 50 or more users at a time for that webpage . But if i close the browser and view the webpage it comes properly this happens randomly. I guess the sql cant handle so many connections or the iis cannot handle so many connections . Can anyone throw some light on this and suggest a work around.<BR><BR>brij <BR>

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    Can you send us some obfuscated code for us to look at? At one time, I had 2500 users on one server with both IIS and SQL installed. No this is not the best solution, so no flames please, but i had a small client budget to work with. If the the code is efficient, and both the IIS and SQL servers are outfitted properly with memory, processor etc. AND (this is important) tuned, the servers should be able to handle 5000 or more simultaneous users without causing the lockup you described.<BR><BR>3 seconds is a very short time, is the amount of data small and local to your LAN?

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