Hi,<BR><BR>I have the following problem FROM TIME TO TIME for member login verification. Here is my code for verification:<BR><BR>set objVerify = Server.CreateObject("Membership.Verifusr.1")<BR>if (objVerify.VerifyPassword(sMemberID, sPassword)) then<BR> call objVerify.VerifyCredentials(sMemberID, sPassword, sTargetURL)<BR> bReturnFlag = true<BR>else<BR> bReturnFlag = false<BR>end if<BR>set objVerify = nothing<BR><BR>I tested, after entering an ID and a password, bReturnFlag returning true and redirecting to sTargetURL. However, before I reach the first line of code in the sTargetURL, it seemed that the member not been verified and forced to bounce back for login.<BR><BR>Any suggestion on what I&#039;ve done wrong? Thank you.<BR><BR>Gilbert