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    I am using Select Case to solve the age old problem of dynamic SSI, I have heard that writing a Component to do this is better. Has anyone ran accross a solution for this or have any suggestions for writing a component to do this?

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    Dynamic includs are a pain. It is possible with some hacks. A hack that I did once was make a script called hub.asp. Hub.asp would take the dynamic include as a parameter. It would load template.asp and replace the <--!include section with the include file passed. Then it would redirect to the newly created asp page. Also if that page existed it would not create the file it would just redirect. You would have to delete the generated files if you wanted to update the template. Another option... If you say have one template and one include file for the content. Is to make a script that dynamically generates all your pages. And run it at the end. The advantages of this are simple. If you have one background that is the same that contains all your navigation and stuff and only the center content changes.

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