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    I am looking into creating a live chat interface for customer support from my web site. I need help with how I would make their screen update with the text that our support rep enters into the support side interface. The client would be viewing this through the web browser. I know Netscape can use a &#039;push&#039; option but we don&#039;t require our visitors to use Netscape. What other options are out there. I need to be able to customize this and integrate it into a huge program so I can&#039;t use a third party program party unless I get the source code. The key is I need to know the method used to make that update happen when the support rep types something and hits submit.<BR>Thanks in advance<BR>Justin

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    Default Meta refresh or setTimeout

    *ONLY* the browser can *ASK* for new data. The server can&#039;t force the new data on them. (The Netscape "push" is just a behind-the-scenes hack and/or it is done using a Java applet.)<BR><BR>My suggestion: Put a 100% HIDDEN frame on the page and have it refresh every NN seconds. It hits an ASP page that returns either the same HTML/JS code (that then refreshes again in NN seconds) *OR* HTML/JS that simply "reaches into" the visible frame to update the display. Dirt simple and should work with any browser back to at least NS3 and MSIE3.<BR><BR>

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