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    Hi, I have an asp application that allows users to logon. I store their logon id info in session variables. This works fine for 99% of the people. Every once in awhile a user calls and says they can&#039;t logon. They type in the username info and hit the submit button but the page just refreshs (i.e. they stay where they are.) I&#039;m not sure what is going on. All I can think is the user doesn&#039;t allow non-persistent cookies. The current user having this problem is using IE 6.0. I can&#039;t find any security settings pertaining to cookies in 6.0. In 5.5 you could disable/enable them. Any ideas on what could be going on? <BR>Thanks

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    Default I think..

    IE6 is doing all this P3P guff which is just going to annoy the hell out of everyone. It pertains to user privacy and the use of cookies.<BR><BR>Do research on P3P.. I know I&#039;m going to have to

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