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Thread: Server Side Include issues / bugs??

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    Default Server Side Include issues / bugs??

    I work for a web design company and have been told NOT to use SSI because Internet Explorer 3 has issues with them and also they do not work well with robots from search engines.<BR><BR>Is either of these things true? I find it hard to believe SSI could effect something that is client side like a browser or robot.<BR><BR>By the way they still design sites compatible with IE3 here to ensure the optimum amount of visitors.<BR><BR>Any thoughts or knowledge greatfully received.

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    Default I don't see how

    the ssi is done by the server and the visitor is sent the code within the include. Tell them that unless they find hard proof they&#039;re dimwits. Plus it&#039;s the server that needs to understand the .shtml extension.<BR><BR>As for search engines, I&#039;ve never seen anything mentioned regarding spiders, but I couldn&#039;t say for sure on that one. Again I&#039;d say no.<BR><BR>Bet someone says different!

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