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    I&#039ve got a database with questions and multiple choice answers. I want to create a form with the question, followed by radio boxes for each possible choice answer. My query pulls in all questions and all answers, sorted by question id (QID) and answer id (AID). In order to determine when one question ends and the next begins, I assign the value of the question id to a variable and loop through the answers until the value changes. This is working great...until I hit the bottom of the recordset. At that point, after everything has been written, I get an exception error. Does anybody see anything wrong with this loop?<BR><BR>************************************* ***********************<BR>dim QID<BR>dim questionanswer<BR>if Not RecordSet.eOF Then<BR>RecordSet.MoveFirst<BR>do while not recordset.eof<BR> Response.Write(RecordSet.Fields("Qtext"))<BR> QID=recordset.fields("qid")<BR> do while recordset.fields("qid")=qid<BR><BR> Response.Write("&#060;input type=&#039radio&#039 value=" & recordset.fields("AID") & " name=" & RECORDSET.FIELDS("QID") & "&#062; " & RecordSet.Fields("AID") & ": " & recordset.fields("atext") & "<BR>")<BR><BR> if recordset.eof then<BR> exit do<BR> else<BR> recordset.movenext<BR> end if<BR> Loop<BR> response.write("&#060;HR&#062;")<BR> loop<BR>End If<BR>******************************************** ****************<BR>Any help would be great. Thanks.

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    try to move your EOF check after you movenext<BR><BR>Hope this helps

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    &nbsp;<BR>I think you missed off a movenext <BR>below is the bottom of your code<BR><BR>Loop<BR>response.write("&#060;HR&#062; ")<BR>**recordset.movenext**<BR>loop<BR>End If<BR><BR>You should check out "DataShaping" and "Multiple Recordsets"<BR>there&#039s a ton of functionality to build reall intelligent recordsets that don&#039t loop newarly as complicated as this one..<BR>strongly recommended<BR>

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