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    Can anyone tell me the techical difference between Null and Nothing? when I do the following:<BR><BR>If rsclass("id") = "" Then<BR><BR>If I have never saved anything to the field meaning that I have never done:<BR><BR>rsclass("id") = XXXXXXXX<BR>rsclass.Update<BR><BR>then the only way I can see if it contains nothing is using the IsNull() function.<BR><BR>I am using Access XP. Thanks in advance.<BR><BR>AJ

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    NULL is empty, or nothing<BR><BR>if you use "" this means you have an empty, or 0 length string<BR><BR>They are two different things, where "" is actually a string that contains no data, NULL is a reference to nowhere or nothing! <BR><BR>I&#039;m not sure I&#039;ve explaind that very well, maybe someone else can do better! :-)<BR><BR>

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