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Thread: sharing SQL server data via XML with other sites

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    Hi,<BR><BR>I have a SQL datbase driven web site. A number of visitors have said they would like to grab data such as news to display for their own web sites. <BR><BR>However, these people may be hosting on unix, linux or microsoft servers. Alot of them are not very technical so the solution has to be really simple.<BR><BR>I think I need to allow them to query the datbase and retrieve this in XML format and some how display it on their page. I would like them to have to enter a speciifc username and password so they can have access to the data and I can control who is getting it.<BR><BR>Any ideas how I could do this. I don&#039;t know were to start!<BR><BR>I am hosting my site at an ISP so I can&#039;t load any com components on it. I can only FTP files to my web space.<BR><BR>many thanks<BR><BR>Mark :)<BR>

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    ....has got &#039;Web Service&#039; written all over it.<BR><BR>.Net natively allows you to create web services to do this kind of thing. If you can&#039;t use that then you can mimick the behavbiour with classic asp.<BR><BR>Do a search on the 4 guys site for &#039;web service&#039; im sure there must be loads of articles on this.<BR><BR>If not try google.

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