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    Can someone please help me out with a dumb question?<BR><BR>When a user logs into the ADMIN AREA of their site they can edit the content of a page. <BR><BR>They login with a username/password that is stored in a database.<BR><BR>What happens is that their session expires before they finish editing the page. When they go to save their data, they are redirected to the login page and lose everything.<BR><BR>Can someone please give me some advice on how best to handle this? I was thinking of just storing their username/password in hidden fields on the form and if their session is expired I would re-login before updating the database....this is not a good idea, but the only one I can think of?<BR><BR>Please email me @<BR><BR>Thank you. I will really appreciate it<BR><BR>Bonnie Fillmore<BR>Rampage Technology Inc.

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    Why not extend the timeout?<BR><BR>Session.Timeout = x

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