SUMing to get totals based on Dropwdowns

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Thread: SUMing to get totals based on Dropwdowns

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    Default SUMing to get totals based on Dropwdowns

    I have created a page that allows its users to make selections via a pull downs in a form. The user can make 2 out of a possible 3 pull downs in order to locate certain records. The form page includes 3 SQL statements that are ran according to selections made on the same page. The object is to now try and get the totals for 3 of the fields that the SQL generates. Amount, Deposit, and Balance, I would like to try and create this within the SQL however that might not be possible. <BR><BR>Eventually I will recode to try and clean some of this code up maybe into a User Defined Function in SQL. Any way I have included a link that contains a snapshot of the page and also the code underneath all the craziness. I don&#039;t my criticism buy keep mind this is all preliminary at this point. In other words don&#039;t bash me to hard! Thanks for anyone out there that can help.<BR><BR><BR>HERE is the link:<BR><BR>

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    Default Look at this thread...

    ...including my answers:<BR><BR><BR><BR>

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