combining a column from two different tables.

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Thread: combining a column from two different tables.

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    Default combining a column from two different tables.

    I have three tables to work with:<BR><BR>USER_MANUFACTURER_XREF<BR>-------------<BR>USER_ID<BR>ENTITY_ID<BR><BR>and<BR><BR>ENTITY< BR>--------------<BR>ENTITY_ID<BR>PARENT_ENTITY<BR><BR>USER<BR>----------<BR>USER_ID<BR>ENTITY_ID <BR><BR><BR>By having the user&#039;s ID, i can get all crossreferenced (xref) manufacturers, as well as the Users Home entity_id (which is under the user table). What i want to do is also, in a query, also get all parent_entity &#039;s that have the value of user.entity_id. Basically, if my user&#039;s entity is a parent entity then get all of the entity&#039;s that have a parent entity of my guy&#039;s entity (user.entity_id)<BR><BR>It&#039;s like i&#039;m trying to join the unrelated contents of two tables together and get that sucker alphabetized. <BR><BR>Thanks for any help,<BR>Brian

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    Default Give an example, please...

    Supply about 3 records from each table and then show what you want the query to produce. If it is not obvious, show where the info in the output is coming from (that is, if you have ENTITY_ID=7, show *which* table&#039;s ENTITY_ID that is coming from if 2 or more have 7 as a value).<BR><BR>I *think* I know what you want, but no point in giving you an answer that might be 100% bogus.<BR><BR>

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