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Thread: MTS+ASP+Oracle

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    Diwakar Guest

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    Can I use MTS with Oracle and ASp as the scripting environment

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    Anupama Guest

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    Hi<BR> You can use absolutely no problem!<BR>Anupama

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    Diwakar Guest

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    Thanx for your reply. But I&#039m facing a problem doin this. I have an ActiveX dll written in Visual Basic which acceses and modifies an Oracle database. When I register this dll on the server and use its objects in ASp it works perfectly fine. But when I register this dll in MTS it doesn&#039t work at all. I think that MTS uses Oracle OCI interfaces and we need to run some kind of SQl scripts provided by Oracle. But I&#039m not sure about this. Can u help??<BR><BR>Diwakar<BR>

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