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    This is probably very simple but it&#039;s just not coming to me today...<BR><BR>I have a form which, amongst other things, lists job functions in a drop-box. An onChange event populates a textbox with the job function&#039;s related job family. Now I am being asked to make the job function a multi-select. I&#039;ve pretty much given up the population of the text box with multiple related values since this is driven by the initial selection in the select box. So, instead, is there a way I could write these related values to a hidden field so it could at least get written to the database? <BR><BR>Novice developer...please be kind.<BR><BR>Thanks in advance for any and all suggestions.<BR><BR>Regards,<BR>-Jennifer

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    hmm,<BR><BR>not 100% sure but won&#039;t the onchange event fire on each click of the multi-select list?<BR><BR>I would write a function that iterates through the list, building your text box off of the selected items.<BR><BR>(check out for info on how to do this). <BR>It shouldn&#039;t be too hard.

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