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    I create a new project (TEST.sln) in InterDev and setup a Default.asp page for IIS to use. Then I save and close InterDev and open IIS and set the document directory to the new project that I created (under Inetpub). Then I save and close IIS. The web server uses this new directory with no problems and Default.asp is displayed fine. NOW, I want to edit Default.asp in InterDev again. So I open TEST.sln and try to open Default.asp and I get an error message like HTTP: error ..... check if web server has FrontPage extensions installed. Of course it does, this just worked and the web server is still serving up the new project without any errors.<BR><BR>It seems like setting up IIS to use the new project (TEST.sln) somehow broke InterDev&#039s connection to the files in it. I know that InterDev creates a local directory (in WINNT/../../../) for the files as well but I am using the Inetpub/wwwroot/TEST for IIS. Can someone PLEASE help, I am going crazy! I have SP3 for Visual Studio and SP5 for NT4 Server Enterprise Edition.<BR><BR>-mike

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    microsoft<BR><BR>gotta love it

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