ONCHANGE IE4.0 Vs IE5.0 Help!!!

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Thread: ONCHANGE IE4.0 Vs IE5.0 Help!!!

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    I have an asp page that builds my html and sends it to the client<BR>The HTML has a pick list with an onchange function and a button with an onclick function. In IE 4.0 the onclick and onchange are called and the asp runs and rebuilds the html and sends it all is right with the world. IE 5.0 just sits there and then it gets the standard "page can not be found" message. The displaying the data in a frame or in a new window makes no difference. I am using IIS 4.0. Any ideas???<BR>Thanks, Dan

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    I haven&#039t had this particular problem, but one thing Ihave noticed is the IE5 seems to be much more particular about placement of codes. In particular, I have noticed that IE5 is more sensitive (possibly more accurate) about codes placed in other code containers. I would try separating out your code.

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