Running ASP application coupled with Site Server 3.0 supported by a Membership Directory on SQL 7.0. We are migrating the application to a new set of servers (NEWAPPSERVER and NEWSQLSERVER). We have successfully migrated all Membership Server related data to NEWSQLSERVER. When attempting to connect to an existing Membership Directoryfrom NEWAPPSERVER, we receive the following error from the SAWizard during the New Membership Directory create process "Database information is not valid. Verify that the information entered is correct and the database is not empty." <BR><BR>We have verified connectivity between NEWAPPSERVER and NEWSQLSERVER with another ODBC connection. From within the exported Membership DB on NEWSQLSERVER, we have changed the DsoGrid.vc_Datasource value to the NEWSQLSERVER and the old/new DB names are the same.<BR><BR>Any ideas are greatly appreciated!