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    Here is my problem...I have several scripts that I have written and they have been running on my server just fine. Last night, I created another script, and it, too, was working beautifully...then I made a change (an html, not VBScript) to the page and now I can&#039t access any of my pages!!! I kept getting a "SERVER TOO BUSY" error last night, and now I get an HTTP 500 error (when accessing it from the intranet) and "Cannot find server or DNS Error" when trying it from the internet). In both instances, there is mention of a .dll file, shdoclc.dll. What do I do??? I thought about saving all of my scripts to a different directory on my hard drive, then uninstalling PWS and then reinstalling it. Would this be my best bet???<BR><BR>Many thanks in advance,<BR><BR>jkm

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    What exactly did you change in the HTML? And what is the exact error message you get? I could probably help you more if I had this info. Let me know

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    From a regular .html page, a user can enter a last name of someone in the Database. When they click on the submit button, the button runs an .asp script. I added this exact functionality to the bottom of the .asp page (just an input box and submit button). So the form at the bottom of the .asp page is calling itself. This is when everything went south. The error I started getting was a 404 Server Busy error, then an HTTP 500: Can&#039t find Server this morning. Does this help???<BR><BR>Thanks again,<BR><BR>JKM

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