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    Hi!<BR> <BR> I am not sure whether this should go to HTML Q&A.<BR><BR> I am displaying a form having a section called comments(a text data type in SQL )which has a large text now whenever i dispay records in a tabular form only 3 to 4 records can be displayed cos due to the text field which takes more of the horizontal space.<BR> Now i want that this particular field to be shown on a mouseover event, like whenever one goes through the record just having the mouse over that record shows up the comment in a box & as he removes the mouse from that record the text box disappears.<BR><BR>hope you got it.<BR><BR>Thanks

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    change the text in a div which is initially hidden, and move this div to the position of the mouse (use the window.event.x , y) on the onmouseover event of the source element, then hide the div again on the onmouseout event of the source element.

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