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    Irvin Irizarry Guest

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    When i run the script the firt time work well but the second time hang up, someone can help me!..<BR><BR>thanx for all

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    I&#039m in the same boat with you, but i&#039ve found some odd things with access... if you&#039re using front page 2000, it doesn&#039t work all the time, and yet most of the time it doesn&#039t work. Make sure your ODBC settings are straight and that you&#039re siting them right in your script. Check out the database forum.<BR><BR>jack

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    Marco Kooreman Guest

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    I had the same problem, I ran in to it after updating to IE5 and MicroSoft Personal Webserver. Try updating the MDAC you can download it from Microsoft.<BR><BR>It solved the problem for me.<BR><BR>BR<BR><BR>Marco Kooreman

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