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    VBScript:<BR>I have an activeX control button<BR><BR>&#060;Object id=&#039;theCtrl&#039;<BR>CLASSID=&#039;CLSID:1234 5&#039;&#062;<BR>&#060;/Object&#062;<BR><BR>The user enters text in a textbox and then hits enter. I pass the data to a function in the control using:<BR><BR>Sub cmdSend__OnClick<BR> call theCtrl.Get_File(txtdata) <BR>End Sub <BR><BR>Then when the button is clicked, the contol acts on the txtdata.<BR>I get this error:<BR> Object doesn&#039;t support this property or method: "theCtrl.Get_file"<BR>This works in pure html but not with my ASP setup. HELP! <BR><BR> <BR>

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    are the &#060;object&#062; tags within the html section of the page? ie is the control created in the asp context or client?

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