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    Is it possible to refresh a layer on a page instead of refreshing the whole page using JavaScript? We are using an calling an ssi file on an ASP page, and we only want to refresh that file and not the whole page... If so, got any examples????<BR><BR>Thanks,<BR>Fly

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    Default I know one way...

    Use a frameset. Make one of the frames 100% hidden.<BR><BR>In the hidden frameset, use META REFRESH or setTimeout to load in a page that contains the new version of the data for the layer. That page *also* includes JS code to change the layer contents in the other frame.<BR><BR>You *really* mean an SSI (a #include&#039;d) file?<BR><BR>So you could have your hidden frame have a &#060;DIV&#062; that #include&#039;s that stuff plus a tiny bit of JS to copy the contents of the &#060;DIV&#062; in the hidden frame into the &#060;DIV&#062; in the visible one.<BR><BR>You could even get this to work with NS browsers, if you do "layer writing" the right way.<BR><BR>

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