Is there a way to physically embed images into an email message with .ASP and SMPT mail?<BR><BR>I already know how to build an HTML string and send it as an email message, but what I would like to do is embed the images so that if the client is a dial-up user they don’t have to be connected to the Internet to view the images in their email.<BR><BR>In other words… I would like the images to be downloaded and stored on the client machine, without having to make a reference back to a server to display the images. I am doing this on a large scale so this would also help to cut down on server traffic and the amount of bandwidth utilized each time a customer views their email.<BR><BR>I have seen a few commercial mass-email packages that do this, but would like to know how to do it via .ASP (or possibly a VB6.0 .dll).<BR><BR>Any suggestions greatly appreciated.<BR>