Hi. I am a player of an online horse game called HorseLand [www.horseland.com] I feel I should explain about the game first. The whole idea of this game is to care, feed and and train your horses, having fun meeting like minded people at the same time. The training is what make the game. Show are ran and horses gain points. The higher points your horses have, the better they are. <BR><BR>Now for the help bit. For a few years, people have been using a Java Script made on a seperate website to enter their horses in classes [www.geocities.com/horselanduk2002/luca.htm]. This make it quicker. Training by the way the website allows you takes ages, and as 75% of the players are of school age, their parents got together to find an easier way for them to train and enjoy the game. <BR><BR>Last month, the website blocked these scipts by creating a fourth key including letters, saying that they were a &#039;denial of server attack&#039; and that what we were doing was illegal. This really upset us all. We don&#039;t want to be breaking the law. It is a game after all, but we have now been searching for a month for a way to create a new way to enter these horses that will not take hours. Is there anyway we can create a programme or script that will not cause &#039;denial of server attack&#039; and still allow us to enter the classes? The website I provided [www.geocities.com/horselanduk2002/luca.htm] was a automatic script and allowed us to enter ALL the classes in a hour. Anyone that could help us with this, please e-mail qhcutie@hotmail.com. I appreciate this is alot of work to do, but a great challenge for any Java Script programmer <BR><BR>