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    Friends I have a problem<BR>I am calling stored procedure thru ASP file<BR>It is working in Testing Server which is in our Office showing the Result properly.<BR>The problem is When Uploaded both (asp,Stored proc)to the Web Server it is not giving the output at all.<BR><BR>What can be the possible Error<BR>Help me!!!!1

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    Default My diagnosis? Something is wrong.

    My diagnosis? Something is wrong.<BR><BR>That&#039;s all I can tell you since you did not post your code, your stored procedure or your error message.

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    Default RE: My diagnosis? Something is wrong.

    ha! too true :-)<BR><BR>Are you Using....<BR>Create Proc procname AS<BR><BR> SET NOCOUNT ON<BR><BR>SProc code here<BR><BR> SET NOCOUNT OFF<BR>GO<BR><BR>Only thing I can think of that may be the problem without seeing some code, and knowing what the error is!<BR>

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