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    I have word document file that I need to load into an Access Table field(memo) in order to retrieve it back later and display it on an ASP page. This load and retrieval process does not preserve the formatting of the document (style, indent,paragraphs...). I heard about the RichTextBox control but I think it works only with ASP.NET which unfortunately I am not using. Is there any other way.<BR>Regards,

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    This is probably not what you were searching for, but I see that no one replied, so I&#039;ll give my opinion.<BR>Wouldn&#039;t it be easier to place the word document into a common folder, place the name+fileformat of the document in the database and when you need to display it, simply link the document or use the FileSystemObject? <BR>Also, placing entire word documents in an Access database seems a bit excessive to me.

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