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    Hi,<BR>Recently I found a control called r.a.d.editor on ( and downloaded it. I had no problems adding it to my page. Its behavior is 99% like the WinForm&#039;s RichTextBox (allowing the user to format text, insert tables, images, etc.) and it adds a customizable toolbar to edit the content. First I thought these guys use ActiveX to provide such behavior. When I loaded my ASP page in IE and looked at the page source I couldn&#039;t find any trace of ActiveX. But what impressed me the most were some &#060;script&#062; tags with language properties set to "JavaScript.Encode" that had some strange characters enclosed between them. I&#039;m not quite good with javascript but this didn&#039;t look like JavaScript. Could anyone tell me if this is a way to insert a Winform control into HTML because the only other way i know is to use an &#060;object&#062; tag. However, if i do it this way the client is asked for permission to install the control on the client&#039;s machine and that&#039;s what r.a.d.editor didn&#039;t do.<BR><BR>Saikat Kaler

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    Default CROSSPOST + SPAM = ???

    Wow, you "Recently Found" something that was uploaded two days ago and has no votes and no comments? What a co-inky-dink!

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    Default shouln't be here anyway


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